Michael Litvack







Michael Litvack

Michael Litvack

Montreal, QC


...I enjoy painting in what I call ,"Pseudo naive cartoon Abstractism", featuring bright colours in very simplistic forms.A happy feeling exudes from my works as they are all based on features from the present and past.Usually a car or bicycle shows up somewhere in the picture. I work only in acrylics with black pencil art markers. I took a 1 year fine arts university course back in 1964, and then dropped it completely until only recently.My works have gone in 2 directions:the landmark paintings, and the everyday situations featuring "little people". People tell me they can "connect" with my historical view of the passing scene. Signs and commercial store fronts are a key to my paintings.Take close look at the signs...often a little bit of humor, pathos, or sarcasm creeps in.I try to take a casual look at art, not a regimented "text book" style. Colours are blended to suit my mood; the brush is seldom cleaned between colour changes to result in gradual colour transitions. Taking a blank form and letting a pencil take its course is always a surprise. Remember, we paint and create for ourself first; the world comes later !

Paintings also available at:
Les Tresors de Jacob,
Jacob's Treasures
329 Main Street East
Hawkesbury, Ontario

Man of War Gallery of Fine Art
Sydney Marine Terminal
Sydney, Nova Scotia

Sienna Gallery
2865 Rue Chamberland
Rockland, Ontario
K4K 1M7


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